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What is Medicare Supplement?

You are required to have Medicare Parts A AND B in order to have a Medicare Supplement Plan, otherwise known as MEDIGAP Insurance. If Medicare covers a procedure, the supplement will take care of the difference depending on the level of coverage you have. This is offered because Medicare generally will cover 80% of your medical needs.

10 Facts About Medicare Supplement Plans

  1. You cannot have a supplement plan unless you have Medicare Part A AND B
  2. There are 10 plans available
  3. You are allowed to use any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare regardless of which plan or carrier you are enrolled with.
  4. Those who have Plan C (Medicare Advantage) can apply for a supplement policy. However, you have to leave the Medicare Advantage plan and return to Part A and B before the new policy begins.
  5. You will pay the private insurance company a premium each month for the policy as well as a premium for Part B that you pay directly to Medicare.
  6. Any supplement only covers 1 person. Everyone must have their own policies.
  7. You can only buy a policy from an insurance company within your state that is licensed to sell one.
  8. Your insurance company is not allowed to cancel a policy due to declining health conditions as long as you are still paying your premium each month.
  9. No new policies cover prescription drugs.
  10. If you have a Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA), it is illegal for anyone to sell you a supplement policy.

If you have any questions regarding a Medicare Supplement Plan feel free to contact our licensed Medicare agents to help find the right coverage for you.

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